Sunday, 3 May 2015

Reaction to a Royal Baby

I don't feel like I've had anything much lifestyle-wise to talk about on this blog for a while now, but with a four day weekend (thanks to an extra Friday off!), I do at least have the time to sit down and write something. 

Now if you've got enough internet access to be reading my blog, you can't have missed the news of the royal baby yesterday. After checking my Twitter on waking up every day for about two weeks, it was pretty exciting to finally see some activity that wasn't just bored reporters and fans speculating over rumours. I'm no super fan camping outside the hospital or travelling across the globe to get a glimpse of them, but I do enjoy keeping up to date with what the younger generations of the royal family are doing. 

And on discovering the news at 7.09am (and even then I was late in finding out!) there was simply no way I could actually concentrate on getting any work done. But hey, I'm on obs and gynae/ care of the newborn right now, so surely following the news is basically revision? (Hint, everything counts as revision at medical school.) 

I've also discovered in recent years that I'm really good at watching news about nothing. You know the kind when a big story breaks, but then there are no further details? Except, you're compelled to keep watching until the next little snippet of information is released? I spent most of the day alternating between doing the things I actually needed to do, like uni work and walking the dog, and watching reporters interviewing the crowds of people by the Lindo Wing about nothing in particular. I was definitely feeling a sense of dej√†-vu from when Prince George was born.

Probably the highlight of the whole event was that moment when Prince William carried Prince George into the hospital and the little cutie (that would be George just incase you're wondering...) waved at the press and public outside. It's kind of nice that so far he's managed to do most of his growing up away from the spotlight - it makes the events that he is out in public more special.

We've also had some hot debates in our house over what the new Princess will be called. Between my sister and I, we have the names Elizabeth, Alice and Victoria so we'd love to see the Princess with some combination of these. In fact, it's become a bit of a competition between the two of us - anything for sibling rivalry... I'm not really pushing the boat out with anything spectacularly unusual though in my predictions - my other guesses would be something like Charlotte or Alexandra. Or something's telling me Emily, although I have no idea why!

Have you been following the birth of the royal baby? What are your guesses for names?!



  1. I love this family so much, I think they are so inspiring and I'm proud to be from a country that has such a great monarchy! I think Alice is in the running or maybe Samantha ;) xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. I love the young royals, I used to be really cynical about it but they never asked for it and I think they put up with so much rubbish from the press/public. I think Will and Kate make such a cute couple too. x

  3. Looks like one of your guesses was right! I hardly heard anything about Kate's pregnancy this time around.

  4. You were almost right! I find it weird that the royal family still exist and everyone is so interested in them. It's totally harmless, but it's kind of funny when you think about it. I do love how the birth of the royal baby allows the news to report on something cheerful like a baby being born rather than the usual depressing stories! xx

  5. I'm not from the UK so this does not interest me a whole lot. But I got to say, I do love the name they eventually decided on!



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