Thursday, 2 April 2015

The A to Z of Me - Part 2

Last week I started my A to Z of facts about me, but because I know you're all busy people with far better things to do than read about me all day (it's ok. I understand), I've split it up into four posts. I got as far as G in the first post, so now it's time to do H through to M...

H is for Horse Riding
There was no way this was going to be anything else really! I think I was about nine years old when I first started horse riding and I rode regularly until halfway through my third year of university. It all began with a riding lesson on holiday and turned into weekly lessons for the next ten years or so. I haven't had the time for a horse of my own (that's something for the future maybe), but I was a member of the Pony Club and did a few low key competitions at the stables where I learned to ride. I managed to keep up riding at university and was secretary of the Riding Club in second year. Sadly moving away on placements meant I could no longer get to our weekly lessons and it's now been over a year since I last rode!

I is for Italian
No I'm not Italian, but I did study the language for five years and did two school exchanges to Florence. I found Italian slightly harder than French (which was unusual but hey that's me) and I certainly haven't kept it up quite as well. It's a fun language though and I do wish that I could speak it better. If only to stop Italian waiters correcting me in restaurants...

J is for Japanese
Sticking with the languages theme (this is the last one though!), I also studied Japanese for a year when I was eleven. My secondary school was a language college, hence all the languages! Because I was getting on well with French and Italian, they put me into an extra class to study Japanese. However, I couldn't really get my head around learning a new alphabet (and that was only one, I think they have about three) and so didn't do very well. Now all I remember is how to count to five and how to introduce someone as my friend (or possibly give my phone number. I can never remember what the phrase actually means).

K is for Kate Middleton
It took me ages to think of anything for K and I know she's technically meant to be called Duchess of Cambridge now but this'll do... She's one of my favourite style inspirations with her classy dresses and smart heels. If I could have anyone's wardrobe, it would be her's. And her hair while we're at it... 

L is for London
I grew up in the suburbs of London and while I'm not desperate to ever live or work long term right in the city centre, I do love London. It definitely feels like home and I enjoy being able to get into central London easily and enjoy everything it has to offer. Moving away from London has made me appreciate it even more, although it does also prompt people to comment on me not having a 'London accent' - we don't all sound like we're on Eastenders you know!

M is for Magazines
I love buying and reading magazines - and I'm really bad at throwing them away! Most months I'll buy Glamour and Cosmopolitan as a treat for myself, and then enjoy a couple of hours settling down to read them. A lot of my time is spent reading medical things, so these are the perfect way to switch off from medicine.

And that takes us to halfway! The next two posts will be up in the next couple of weeks with facts N to Z so make sure not to miss out!



  1. Jenny,
    I know what you mean about Kate's (as we fondly refer to her) hair. It's lovely. Though anything longer than a short bob for me drives me potty as it tickles my face!
    I've just jumped on the A-Z band wagon!

    1. I've sometimes been tempted to cut my hair short - it would definitely be easier to manage. But then I go and have a good long hair day and don't want to risk hating it!! Ooh I look forward to seeing your A-Z!

  2. I love that "L" is for London. Beautiful photos!



    My Closet Life Blog

    1. Thank you! There's nowhere quite like London :) xx

  3. Awesome idea for a post! I wonder if I could come up with enough things for every letter!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. It's actually much harder than I realised - part 3 is taking me far too long!

  4. I'm so jealous of how many languages you've learnt! I wish I'd got made to do one at school. I took at evening Italian class this year but it is pretty hard!

    India | Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. I want to learn more! I've been trying out a couple of languages on Duolingo but it's quite hard to learn languages on your own - an evening class is a much better idea! Italian is a lovely language - and always handy for reading menus!

  5. I love your post! The A to Z series is a great way of getting to know someone.
    I did it myself a few weeks ago =)


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