Thursday, 26 March 2015

The A to Z of Me - Part 1

One of the lovely things about blogs is the fact that on the whole they're incredibly personal and you get to feel like you know the person writing. Blogs are much more of a two-way thing than other content on the internet and that's what makes me enjoy writing so much. I've seen a few examples of personal A-Z posts and I think they're a brilliant way to quickly learn new things about each other. I have a tendency to write long points in my blog posts (yet give me an essay to write and I'll struggle to reach the word count), so I've decided to split this up over a few posts, starting with A to G today.

A is for Aeroplanes
Because of the places I live, I'm well used to hearing and seeing planes going overhead and they're something I've grown up with. As well as finding flying exciting, I think there's something rather comforting about hearing a plane going overhead. I even have an app to find out what the planes overhead are and where they're going! I also used to have a recurring dream about flying a plane and having to land it - not as bad a dream as it sounds because I was always able to do it!

B is for Bristol
The university I chose to come at study at. I very nearly didn't apply for Bristol due to the competitiveness of the course and even when I had my offers I spent a long time deliberating between here and Manchester. I'm glad I ultimately picked Bristol though - it's a place I love being and I've met lots of wonderful people.

C is for Countryside
Although I grew up in the suburbs of London and go to a city university, I know that I much prefer the countryside. People often assume that I will want to go back to London to work after my degree, but actually I don't really miss it all that much. My dream life involves a nice house in the countryside somewhere with a few animals and plenty of nature around me!

D is for Dogs
If you've read enough of my posts, you'll have realised I have a Jack Russell Terrier called Saffy who I absolutely adore. She can be a typical terrier and be annoyingly playful, but she's so cute and funny that whatever mischief she's gotten into is soon forgotten. Dogs are definitely one of my favourite animals, although top spot is a tough call between dogs and horses.

E is for Elizabeth
My middle name. I used to really dislike the name Elizabeth but now I like it  - and there are far worse middle names to have! Plus it's a pretty regal name with a past Queen, a current Queen... and the middle name of a future Queen!

F is for French
I started learning French aged seven and carried on right through school gaining a GCSE and an A Level. I even did a module of Medical French in my second year of university. I've spent a week on work experience in a French hotel and did a school exchange with a French girl living near Paris. I love the language and have tried very hard not to lose it. I don't have many opportunities for French conversation in my daily life, but I do sometimes watch news in French, read French websites and blogs and watch French films. Had I not decided to go into medicine, there's a good chance I would have studied French at university instead.

G is for Gymnastics
When I was much younger, I used to be in a local gymnastics squad. I was quite good at pointing my toes, balancing and being bendy, but I don't think I was ever really strong enough to do a lot of the vaulting and somersaults and other things that came with it. I enjoyed the training and the sparkly leotards but long term it was probably not going to be my thing. My one regret though is not carrying on practising the splits - I wish I could still do it!

So that's a few things about me, don't forget to come back for the rest!



  1. It's funny because I'm from the country and my Uni is near a big city, which I much prefer! I think I want to work in a city for sure when I've finished Uni and have my own place. Looking forward to seeing the next set of letters :) xx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

    1. That's so interesting! I think it also depends on what job you want to do and how that differs in cities vs more rural areas. The next set will be up soon! xx

  2. Thanks for sharing! Saffy looks so cute!

    Made in Mauve

  3. I love how people often switch from urban to rural. I grew up in the countryside and pretty much hated it, there's just nothing for kids/teens, so I love urban life these days!

    1. I do sometimes wonder if my love for the countryside is a little bit biased by the fact that I know it best from holidays rather than actual life lived there!

  4. Jenny,
    I love the countryside too. We live in a mid terraced property at the moment and I'm really missing having a view of hills/trees etc. That all said, it's not too far for us to be able to get out into the 'sticks' for a good walk at the weekends. Blows the cobwebs out!

    1. I live in a similar situation - I have big open areas and woodlands within walking distance so I can get away from it all when I need it!

  5. Love these kinds of posts! I love the countryside too, it's so peaceful. I really like Bristol as a city as well! Always enjoy it when I visit :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. That's what I like best - the peacefulness. Bristol is such an interesting city with so much going on! :) x


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