Saturday, 21 March 2015

Showcase Saturday #3 - Tiger

This week for Showcase Saturday I've decided to show you one of my favourite pieces - a coloured pencil sketch of a tiger's face. Coloured pencil is easily my most preferred medium for artwork and I can happily sit for hours carefully blending the colours together.

Drawing animal hair is something I find difficult, so this was a challenge for me having to try and show the hair directions. The hairs that were strongly in focus in the photograph I still don't think I quite got right, but the longer ones above and below the eyes I enjoyed putting in using long strokes of pencil. What I really love about this picture though is the eyes, especially the dark hairs around them. The picture is framed in our living room and I always feel like the eyes are the most striking feature. When I studied the photograph carefully, there were a lot more colours in the eyes than just yellow-orange and carefully layering up the different tones was the key to getting them as close to realistic as I could.

This week I also happened to have a photo of the drawing in-progress. The coloured parts around the top were the bits I was most proud of and I took this photo to show how it looked just in case I completely spoilt it with the pastel and charcoal parts at the bottom where the hairs were out of focus and much softer. As you can see, when I'm drawing I usually have at least three sets of pencils and pastels out and end up with them all over the place as I constantly switch between them!



  1. This is amazing! You are really talented. I've always wished I could draw! x

  2. this is amazing!

  3. This is fab! I think drawing fur must be tough but it turned out so well! Glad you have it up on the wall too :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. It looks so good Jennifer!! You're really talented, it's amazing! I wish I knew how to draw like that :) x

  5. This is incredible, you are amazingly talented!

  6. Um Wow!! This is incredible, such a great drawing :)

    Elle x
    Notes of Petranella

  7. So cool! You are very talented, Hair is so hard to paint, you did a great job!

  8. This is incredible!! you must have had so much patience drawing hairs can be so time consuming!!


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