Monday, 30 March 2015

Pawsomebox March

Apparently there was one happy pup at home when the March Pawsomebox arrived! I'm pretty sure my little Jack Russell Saffy misses me lots while I'm away at university so I tried to make it up to her with this box of goodies instead.

Subscription boxes are everywhere now - a surprise collection of items delivered to the door, and it's only fair that our four-legged friends get in on them too! I received a free sample of the March box for dogs containing six different things for Saffy to get her teeth into...

I was still away at uni when the box was scheduled to be delivered, so rather than get it sent to me in Bristol to take home, I had it sent straight there and got my sister to take the photos- so thanks for that! I had a live feed of photos and updates as Saffy worked her way through the items in order to see for myself what she thought.

Soft toy, pull toy, ear drops, plastic bowl, hide sticks, cheese chicken treats

Saffy's a bit of a poser and loves being in front of the camera, but she couldn't resist temptation for very long and was straight into the box to pull out her number one choice - a rather sweet soft toy lamb. Sadly for the lamb, there's not much sweet about a terrier's instinct and she was ripping into the toy within seconds. We get through a lot of soft toys and now usually look for pretty sturdy ones to make them last that little bit longer. Having said that, I did text the next day to ask about the lamb and was shocked to hear that Saffy had been cuddling up to it rather than ripping it to shreds!

Can I play yet, pleeeease? I know exactly which one I want! 
The only thing that could entice Saffy away from the lamb was some treats - not bad for a dog who's a pretty fussy eater! These Trixie Cheese Chicken Stripes seemed to go down well. If there's any left when I get home for Easter I might break them up and use them to brush up on training... unlikely to be the case though!

This is her enjoying them face - honest!
My sister and I then deliberated over what exactly the ear-cleaning product was for. As far as I know, Saffy doesn't really seem to have much of an ear-wax problem (do dogs get that?!) and we decided that we'd probably be utterly unsuccessful with any attempts at putting stuff in her ears. If you had a patient dog who did have some ear problems, it might be a useful product but Saffy is probably a bit too wriggly!

Poor pup looked a little nervous of this ear cleaning solution!

The next things they tried out were the Fresh Breath Hide Sticks. We've tried Dentastix before to help with her teeth and breath, but for some reason she feels compelled to bury them! With these ones though she ran off under the table to enjoy them in peace, resulting in my sister turning a bit secret detective to get any more pictures... 

The Keep Calm bowl might come in useful if we're ever out for the day with Saffy- carrying her ceramic dog bowls around isn't exactly lightweight travelling!

And finally there is the cotton bone pull toy. Saffy's certainly a dog you'd want on your tug-of-war team so she'll get lots of enjoyment out of this.

Thank you very much to Pawsomebox for sending Saffy a free box of goodies. As you can see from the pictures she really enjoyed the toys and treats. We might just have to accept that the ear drops aren't her thing, but otherwise it was a great little box for a lovely little dog (yes I would say that about her). 

Pawsomebox are a subscription service that send out a box for dogs once a month. The boxes are matched to the dog's age, size, weight and other factors and cost from £15.90 a month. They're a great way to trial some new products that you might not pick up otherwise. 

The March box was sent to me free in return for a review. I was not paid to do so and all opinions are my own! (Saffy's opinions have been interpreted, of course. A blog post full of 'woof, growl, woooo, arrwwww' just wouldn't really work now, would it?)


  1. So, so adorable. And it gets me everytime that our dogs have the same name, it's so cute! I can't believe your Saffy is a little poser, I thought all dogs were like mine and turned away whenever a camera or phone was pointed at them! I imagine the ear drops might be better for spaniels like mine.. seeing as they have such big droopy ears, but I don't know!

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

    1. I love finding other people with dogs called Saffy! Haha, no she knows just what to do in front of a camera! Yes, possibly - I guess some things are just better suited to other breeds of dog :) x

  2. Aww she looks so happy with her new goodies! xx

    1. I think she was! I love spoiling her :) xx

  3. Saffy is super cute. I must admit I'm more of a cat lady but I certainly can appreciate cute dog pics!

    1. Haha, unfortunately I seem to have developed a cat allergy so cats have to admired from afar in my case!

  4. aww saffy is adorable! I've tried to get my fur baby to eat dental sticks before and she just refused to chew on them so I would be interested to try out fresh breath hide sticks - do they smell minty? I think that's what puts my pup off them!

    Nosebag NI | Food & Lifestyle -

    1. They don't smell minty - they don't smell of very much at all actually! Saffy's already lost interest in them. I think they need to smell tastier to encourage dogs to want to chew them!


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