Thursday, 26 February 2015

Ponds Institute Cold Cream and Hydronourishing Cream Review

Way back in December I won a few products from a competition hosted by the lovely Claire at Bella's Beauty Blog and I've been testing them out since. It's been a fair few weeks since I picked up my parcel and now's the time to let you know what I think...

I actually received five skin care products in the prize:
Cold Cream
Hydronourishing Cream
Triple Action Cream
Nourishing Anti-Wrinkle
Eye Contour Cream

However, seeing as I still have young skin with no wrinkles appearing just yet and haven't ever really had problems with under eye puffiness, it seems silly for me to try and review the creams aimed at reducing signs of ageing... a review along the lines of 'well I don't have wrinkles, used the product and still don't have wrinkles' isn't especially helpful for anyone!

The two products I have been using daily are the Cold Cream and Hydronourishing Cream - ideal for my slightly dry skin.

The Hydronourishing Cream is an incredibly moisturising cream containing hydro-elastine and vitamin E to help skin feel soften, smoother and more hydrated. It's a very thick moisturiser that takes a little longer to rub in, but the extra time spent massaging your skin is no bad thing. Unlike other moisturisers that I've used, my skin continues to feel hydrated for hours after, rather than dried out again. I've been using this once a day when I've taken off my make up and definitely noticed a difference in how my skin feels and looks. It actually feels like there's a long lasting effective from using this regularly.

The Cold Cream is something I'd heard about for years but thought it was something that old ladies used instead of other products. Well, I've been converted. This is a product I love and will definitely think about repurchasing.
It's a thick cream that you can apply straight to your face without taking off make up. It sort of 'dissolves' my make up into a layer that I can then wipe off easily with a face cloth. This makes the chore of removing make up so much simpler and easier. It works particularly well with the mineral powder foundation that I wear, but I've also tried it out on other foundations as well as to take off eye make up. 

Both products feel nourishing and using them regularly has made a noticeable difference to the dryness of my skin. Unlikely other products I've used, they are thick enough to really sink in but don't feel heavy on my skin afterwards.

I'm really glad I got to try these out, thank you to Claire and Pond's Institute for these lovely prizes! I'll certainly consider buying these once my prize pots run out.

Have you tried anything from Pond's Institute?

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