Saturday, 28 February 2015

Favourite Posts - February

Another month has flown by - it doesn't feel that long since we were celebrating the New Year and now we're almost into March already! This has been yet another busy month for me, busy with placements, portfolios and trying to stay on top of what I should be learning. I've also moved on to my lastest placement, four weeks in a GP surgery which I am loving so far. And in between all of this, I've still managed to find time for watching the Six Nations and to celebrate turning twenty two. As if all of that wasn't enough, I've also been reading plenty of blog posts as a way to switch off from medicine in the evenings. I've saved my favourites from the past month ready to share here, made much easier now that Bloglovin lets me categorise my saved posts. Let me know if you check any of them out! 

47 Signs You're A Medical Student on Pull Yourself Together
I just happened to spot this on Twitter and have since found a new favourite blog by Hannah. This post is so true and I think I agreed with just about every one of these things! If you're a medical student wanting reassurance that we're all having the same kind of experience, this is just what you need. And for anyone else who wants to know just what the life of medical student is like, this sums it up pretty well.

I've loved Rosie's blog ever since I discovered it - it's so beautifully put together and feels as homely as a website can! I've been trying to incorporate a bit more exercise into my life, but need to make it flexible and not involve costly gym classes and memberships. Rosie's post was just the inspiration I needed for a few home workouts that I can fit around my lifestyle.

Citrus flavours in baking is one of my favourite things, and lemon drizzle cake is probably up there in my top ten of cakes (I could never actually spend time deciding on my Top Ten cakes because I'd be there forever deliberating over it!). I've never used edible flowers in baking before, but this recipe using rose petals is something I might have to try out one day.

Bakewell Tart Pancakes on Emily's Recipes and Reviews
There's always at least a couple of food-related posts in my monthly favourites and this is another of them. With February being the month of Pancake Day (aka Shrove Tuesday), my Bloglovin feed filled up with everyone's takes on the perfect pancake toppings. I like a classic lemon and sugar, but settled for Nutella this year as I had no lemon juice in (the pitfalls of living between two places). This Bakewell Tart inspired topping sounded delicious though, and stood out from all the other recipes filling my screen. Although I didn't make Bakewell Tart pancakes this year, I was inspired to make Cherry & Almond Cupcakes instead, thanks to Emily's recipe.

Now I'm not teetotal, but I'm not a big drinker either and would much rather be hangover free the next day than totally smashed the night before. I don't usually have any problem with people being really drunk - it's a free country and they're obviously enjoying themselves, so why do others think it's ok to judge non-drinkers as 'boring'? Actually, binge-drinking rates are decreasing in young people in the UK and the number of teetotallers is rising. Perhaps people are getting more sensible - but sensible doesn't equal boring. Sammy's post was a brilliant read and definitely worth a look at, whatever you views.

Joelle has such a gift when it comes to her humourous posts and this short and sweet post is another classic from her. I always like to think that I'm the kind of person who could give up technology with no problem - and then realise that I'm currently surrounded by about four electronic devices. Perhaps it's just a sign of our times, but, as Joelle found out, it's actually pretty tricky to go without our gadgets now!

These were my February Favouites, what were yours?


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