Tuesday, 27 January 2015

What Kind of Social Media User Are You?

Whether intentional or not, we live in a time when more and more of our lives play out over social media. These descriptions are just a bit of fun, but you might find some truths in these personalities-by-social-media-preference!

The Instagrammer

A perfectionist, the Instagrammer won't settle until something is just right. They usually see the good in everything, or at least see potential for once a filter has been added. Usually an early-riser (in order to catch that perfect light as the sun comes up). Some might say they're materialistic, but they're actually equally as appreciative of the beauty of nature - sunsets, flowers and cute little creatures. The Instagrammer dreams of far flung travels to exotic beaches and stunning mountain ranges. They're the kind of person you'd go to with a wardrobe crisis - they know what looks good and how to finish off the perfect outfit.The Instgrammer is a very visual person and makes their choices in life based on what will be most photogenic. Online, they appear super tidy and naturally artistic - but they're very good at hiding the behind-the-scenes bombsite of clothes, spilled smoothies and pet treats they leave in their wake.

The Tweeter

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The Tweeter is always on the go, dashing around between appointments. Tweeters spend a lot of time on public transport, commuting between their important engagements. They're successful, or at least ambitious but remain nice with it. The Tweeter always knows exactly what's going on in the world, probably before it even happens. They're good with words and don't waste time getting to the point. They make you wish you spent a bit more time watching the news and reading punchy opinion articles, but they're also a dream to have on your pub quiz team.

The Facebooker

The Facebooker is the sensible one, the one you can depend on to be there when you need them with a bit of good advice. Their mantra is "if it ain't broke, why fix it?" and they know exactly what works for them. Following the latest trends isn't for them and they're quite comfortably still living somewhere circa 2012. Least likely to own a smart-phone, or if they do it's almost certainly not an iPhone. They are definitely a family person, as well as having a close-knit group of friends they can rely on. The Facebooker enjoys an occasional night out and may get a handful of nice pictures to share online the next day, but they're equally happy to have a quiet night in or a trip to the cinema (and will always check in wherever they go). 

The Snapchatter

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The Snapchatter is happy-go-lucky and very down to earth and everyone needs at least one in their friendship circle. They're usually the life and soul of the party which is why they only have the time for a few quick snaps to capture the night - no messing around with filters, hashtags and uploading processes for them. The Snapchatter spends half their life doing fun and interesting things, but is equally happy to spend the other half lazing around in pyjamas sending ugly selfies. They're fun, spontaneous and have nothing to hide. They're also seriously trusting - so long as you don't abuse the screenshot function when they send something. They're the most likely to live for the moment without worrying about the past or what's to come.

The Pinterester

A complete daydreamer and master procrastinator the Pinterester has plenty of good intentions to cook nutritious super-food salads and do all the 30-day fitness challenges... but not until tomorrow.
They're usually incredibly organised and probably a bit of neat-freak with a place for everything. The Pinterester is likely to be the most creative, with a talent for knitting and cupcake decorating. They're the most likely to be a homebody and can easily spend an entire evening picking out wedding dresses, kitchen decor and lunch ideas. They're often everything the Instagrammer pretends to be and usually enjoy meditation and yoga without having to be doing it on a beach at sunset with a photo to prove it.

Which one are you?!



  1. It's all about Instagram and Pinterest for me!

    1. I love Pinterest, and I'm slowly getting more into instagram :)

  2. Haha I love this!! Totally so true. I am most definitely a tweeter! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Me too I think! So I was trying so hard to not to be biased when I came up with all the descriptions!! x

  3. Loved this! I think I'm a mix of an Instagrammer and Pinterester. I may be creative but I sure am not tidy!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

    1. I think they're two that go together really well :D

  4. This is such a good post! I can definitely see which ones my mates are! I think I'm the Pinterest-er! Could spend hours on that site! I wish I was the snap-chatter though! They are the most fun!
    Emily x

    1. Haha, yes I think my friends are probably a good mix of all of these! I love Pinterest, have to take breaks otherwise I'd get scrolling injuries I think! x


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