Thursday, 29 January 2015

Guest Post: A Perfect Winter Evening with Hannah

I love inviting my favourite bloggers to write posts for me and today I'm bringing another 'Perfect Winter Evening' guest post, this time from Hannah at Hannah Bakes Things. Before Christmas, Adele and Jasmin shared their ideas of what makes a perfect evening when it's cold and dark outside, and now Hannah is here to show you what she thinks is the best way to get through the chilly January nights...

Filled with cold nights and bad weather, winter is far from my favourite season. But while you're all suffering from the usual lack of enthusiasm or funds that January brings, it's the perfect time to invite a few of your pals over and get creative with staying in.

I love having friends over for the evening at home. I get all the fun of leaving the house but I don't actually have to leave my house. We can have an amazing meal or drink a bottle of gin and I can do it all in my pyjamas if I want to. You guys, staying in is seriously underrated. So find a night that all your friends are free and arrange to all convene indoors.

As a media graduate, I've always enjoyed 'movie nights', they're a great opportunity for me to share some of my favourite films and to try out some new ones as well. Just ask everyone to bring a film or two and settle in for a night of getting through as many as you can. You could also do a themed night if you wanted. It could be as vague as horror or as specific as films by Richard Curtis (we did this one, and we watched them in chronological order. It took a whole day but it was really good fun). We've also tried looser ‘themes’ for the night such as sharing each other's favourite films and once (with mixed success), challenged all guests to bring something no-one else in the group has watched before.

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Winter is also a perfect time for comfort food so don't forget to stock up on snacks. It can be as simple as some packets of Pringles or if you enjoy being in the kitchen, get adventurous with some sharers. I always get asked to cook Mexican food by most of my friends so we'll go for something like tacos or a spicy bake that's easy to share. For a film night or an evening with a theme, I like to see if I can find some fun food to match and ask guests to bring something along too. Pinterest is great for finding party and themed food recipes, it's usually the first place I look now for inspiration, you can check out my board of ideas here.

I’m a huge fan of cocktails, so if we’re staying at home and there’s a group of us, this will often be our drink of choice. You can each bring a different ingredient or two and then see what creative drinks you can come up with. But if you’re looking for something a little more relaxed for a midweek get together, break out the tea and biscuits and everyone will feel warmed and right at home.

How do you like to keep up with friends during the colder months?



  1. Aw I love the idea of an evening in! Unfortunately I usually have to drive over to my friends' houses so no cocktails for me..

    1. Perhaps you could do mocktails instead? Sometimes I think they're actually nicer! x

  2. Staying in is definitely the new going out! I'd much rather have a group meal at home with a couple of bottles of wine and some card games, then have to go out in the freezing cold in heels and a dress! :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I think you're right :) A night out is nice now and again, but actually I love just staying in and chatting over some drinks! xx


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