Friday, 16 January 2015

5 Things I've Googled This Week

With the internet at our fingertips, we're just one click away from finding the answers to all those little questions that pop into our heads throughout the day. And the things we Google probably say quite a lot about us (in a totally non-dodgy way I hope!). A quick sum up of the things we search for offers a insight into what we think, what we get up to and what we are learning every day. 

Google is also such a habit for me that I don't even notice myself turning to it multiple times a day. Whether I'm studying, mid-conversation or just daydreaming I'll use it to find definitions, check facts or just find out exactly what that creme egg controversy is all about...

This post was an idea I had shortly before falling asleep one night, but still seemed a half-decent idea the next morning. Rather than mindlessly type things into the search bar, I decided to save at least some of them, write them down here and let you all into my mind for a moment to see how your own Google habits compare! You might even learn something new...

1. "Bulletproof coffee"
I overheard my housemates discussing this and thought I misheard at first. 'Bulletproof' coffee? Butter in coffee?! What on earth could this be all about?
The answer - it's a paleo food/drink made from a mix of coffee, butter and oil. I found a blog on the Guardian that talked about it. Safe to say their review has not enticed me to try this new fad - in fact I'm feeling a little sick and don't want to see any oil or butter for a while...

2. "Bezoar"
This word came up while writing notes on causes of vomiting in children (I know, I know... my degree is so glamorous). I recognised the word, briefly goats came to mind... and Harry Potter. It all seemed a bit bizarre until the list of search results came up. The number two hit was on Harry Potter Wiki - a Bezoar is a poison antidote from the stomach of a goat that the Potions students learn about apparently. Strangely though this is not a common cause of vomiting in children - a bezoar can actually be any kind of mass trapped in the gastrointestinal system and it's not exclusive to goats!

3. "Bristol City" / "Bristol Rovers"
Settling a debate between housemates - how many football teams does Bristol have? None of us even like football, but you know when you have a burning question that cannot be left unanswered? The answer was that there are in fact two, not a single "Bristol City Rovers"...

4. "Tell a friend they are fat day"
Ohhhh my. I had vaguely seen this crop up on twitter and then this week saw a few blog posts responding to it. It's a tricky subject, and not one I'm going to go into right now, but I wanted to find out a bit more about exactly what this proposal was about and whether it's as bad as everyone seems to be saying, or whether it's just completely overhyped. It's a subject with some very strong opinions on either side, and finding a completely non-biased article was near enough impossible it seems. So, as I was supposed to be studying rather than googling random things (although it kind of counts as work for a medical student, right?!) I settled for a Daily Mail article. And resisted spending the rest of the day reading the 346 comments, although I'm sure there would be some gold in there!

Source: "Would YOU tell someone they're chubby?" Femail, Mail Online

5. "Bunny Boiler Film"
Most of the random stuff I google seems to be because of conversations with housemates. Someone said that the presenter of Millionaire Matchmaker (yes, we watch all the quality TV in our flat) was notorious for being a "bunny boiler" but a couple of the others had never heard the phrase. After explaining what it meant, I remembered that it came from a film but could not think which one it was. And luckily, with my phone right beside me, I didn't need to spend ages with it annoying me - a quick search and Fatal Attraction is the answer. A film I've never seen.

Source: Wikipedia - Fatal Attraction

How often do you find yourself quickly searching for the answer to random thoughts from the day?!



  1. My friends didn't know what a bunny boiler was either! I had never heard of bulletproof coffee before but having read that article, I will NOT be trying it!

    Heather x

  2. Haha I love this post! Although some of the stuff I google would be a bit embarassing. I didn't know a bezoar was an actual thing!

  3. Absolutely love this post, such a good idea! I definitely won't be trying the coffee though, normal coffee is too much for me haha


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