Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Year's Resolutions

It's almost exactly a year ago that midnight arrived while my sister and I sat in the dog's basket comforting a terrified pup as the fireworks boomed all around bringing in 2014. I'd like to hope that I won't be repeating that this year, but as my current plans for New Year's Eve are simply to stay at home with my family, there's a pretty good chance of me ending the year in the same place I started it!

I've been trying to think about what 2015 will bring for me - sadly the first things that spring to mind are lots of exams! A year from now I'll have taken my written finals for my medical degree, but another year will have passed and I still won't have graduated, even though lots of my school friends will be finishing a second degree and even my younger brother will have finished university. But hopefully there will be plenty of good things about 2015 too. More placements, new people and new places. In order to really make the most of the next twelve months, I've decided to come up with a few resolutions. 

I often change my opinion about making new year's resolutions. Sometimes I think they're not worth making because I'll just break them anyway. Or that I make silly promises to myself simply because everyone else is doing the same. I can't completely change who I am just because the date has rolled forward by another year. But at other times, the first of January seems like the perfect marker of a fresh start, a chance to incorporate something new into my life and to see where it takes me. I try not to be really strict with myself when it comes to resolutions. They're not new rules by which to live my life. Just ideas, things I'd like to try. If they don't work out, I haven't failed. This year I'm doing something new by writing them down and sharing them with you all. 

So here you go, my 2015 New Year's Resolutions:

1. Continue Blogging
I started my blog back in the summer and really didn't think I'd have kept it going for this long. The past couple of months I have lost some of the enthusiasm and found things I enjoyed more than blogging, but having the time over Christmas to read some of my favourite blogs, as well as still receiving lovely comments on the few posts I've put out myself, has inspired me to keep it going. I'm not going to be anymore specific than simply to 'continue blogging'. I just want to carry on writing when I have things to share and to see what comes out of it.

2. Run
This was sort of my 'back to uni resolution' this year. Since stopping horse riding, I hadn't been doing any real sporting activity and was feeling rather unfit. So I splashed out on new running clothes as an incentive to get into it and actually rather enjoyed getting into running. I've been really on and off with it though, so I'd like to be a bit more consistent from now on. I recently read this blog post by The Sunday Blah guest posting for Hazel Jane and because I could relate to so much of it,  it reminded me of why I run. I loved that Lore is completely honest about her running and showed that not every blogger out there just jumps out of bed and runs a half marathon for the fun of it. If people would be interested in reading it, I thought about writing my own 'real-girl running' posts as someone who is a complete running novice- especially if anyone else out there is thinking about running as a new year's resolution!

3. Read More
I used to love reading when I was a lot younger - before I used my free time on Facebook etc. I was wondering how on earth I ever used to find the time to read, but actually it's not hard to swap some of the time I spend mindlessly browsing the internet or watching TV programmes just for the sake of it. I bought a couple of fiction books last term and tried to make an effort to read for a little while before going to bed. Neither of the books I bought turned out to be that good in the end, but it definitely improved my sleep. I have a Kindle that's being rather neglected at the moment, so this year I plan to get more use from it and finish off all the books that I'm about three pages into on each. I also signed up to a local library in Bristol but have yet to actually borrow a single book from them...

4. Stretch
A couple of years ago I made it my new year's resolution to do a bit of yoga every single day. I did manage to keep it up for about three months and I definitely noticed a difference. I'm not sure what stopped me, but I know that as soon as I missed a single day then I pretty much gave up completely. I spend a lot of my day sat down at the moment- working at my desk, sitting in clinics and sitting down at the end of the day using my laptop. This has left me with lots of  tight muscles and embarrassing stiffness for someone who used to be a gymnast! I've made myself a Pinterest board to keep lots of resources for stretching and yoga poses and hopefully I'll be feeling a lot more stretchy by the end of the year!

None of my resolutions are particularly difficult or require anything I don't already have - they simply require me to make a bit of time and work them into my daily routine. In fact, none of them are even new things, so hopefully making them work will be achievable. Let me know what your New Year's Resolutions are, and I hope you enjoy seeing in the new year however you plan to do it! (Hopefully none of us will be sat in a dog's basket...)


  1. Loving your resolutions for next year! I'm definitely going to read more as well! It'll be hard with my uni degree of course but I'll make do. Great post! Hope you celebrate the new year well!

    Anything & Everything

    1. Thanks! Even if I just read for a few minutes each day I'll be happy :) x

  2. I love the idea of reading more, I struggle to find the balance between my hobbies - especially sewing and reading that reading normally falls off the radar. Personally I don't really make resolutions as I don't tend to complete them if I do, I just have intentions, make 2015 really crafty, save money, work on the house.

    1. I like the idea of 'intentions' rather than resolutions, I think that's probably what I mean why I say I won't be firmly sticking to my resolutions or being disappointed if I don't fulfill them

  3. I really want to blog my goals for the year as I hope I will keep up with them if I can reflect back on them every now and again. I think they are great goals, I definitely also want to continue blogging and enjoying it. I hope you have a great 2015 and I am looking forward to keeping up with your adventures :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. Reading more and carrying on blogging are definitely my 'resolutions' as well but I too would call them more of aims that I have anyway :) it's just hard keeping up with blogging when I get home late from placement so I'm hoping updating my blog and changing the name will give me the motivation to keep it up and I hope you do too :) x


  5. It feels really strange that I'm already older than most undergrad uni students, having just finished fourth year, and I still have two years to go :x oh well! I love my Kindle, I've been reading so much more with it. Before bed is the best time to read, you can sort of just drift off to sleep with a book and it won't mess up your sleep light a glaring phone/computer screen.

  6. Blogging more is definitely on my list! Hope you get everything you want out of the year :) xx



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