Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 15 Christmas Memories

Christmas is a pretty memorable time of year and I love looking back on Christmasses past. Today my 'Countdown to Christmas' post is a recollection of some of my favourite memories.

1. Horse riding on Christmas Eve. I used to ride once a week for a number of years and on a few occasions the last lesson before Christmas fell on Christmas Eve. We'd put tinsel on the ponies, play Christmas music and play gymkhana games. It was such a good way to pass the time on Christmas Eve.

2.  Realising we had no crackers about an hour before Christmas dinner a couple of years ago. Christmas dinner just isn't complete without crackers so I had a busy hour quickly improvising with card and wrapping paper, and printing off jokes from the internet. I even made paper hats (although they actually fitted even worse than normal ones!).

3. Christmas curry in second year. It was our first year with our own kitchen (we lived in catered halls in first year) and we'd decided to do a Christmas dinner. Except we kept inviting more and more people and eventually accepted there was no way we could cater for so many. The alternative was to invite everyone round and coordinate a huge takeaway curry order which worked out perfectly.

4. Turning down my one and only offer to be Mary in the nativity when I was about five years old. I can't even remember why I said no and wanted to be a shepherd instead, but I never got another chance at a lead role!

5. The first day each year in primary school that the hall Christmas decorations went up. We'd go in at lunch time and it would be so exciting to see it transformed for the next few weeks.

6. Going to Australia after Christmas when I was 10. I've never spent Christmas away from home, but we did go pretty soon after Christmas and I remember it being really strange to be somewhere so warm and find that our friends had been on the beach on Christmas Day!

7. Christmas Time at the Fun Song Factory on video. A pretty hazy memory seeing as apparently this video is from 1996, but I can just about remember an old lady (who could well have a been a man come to think of it) dressed in a tutu singing about her two front teeth... Pleaseeee someone else have been a Fun Song Factory fan as a child?!

8. Playmobil Advent Calendars. I loved Playmobil, and we got the Advent calendars once or twice. Every day had a small box to open with a piece of Playmobil inside and they all came together to make a Christmas scene.

9. As a young child I didn't really write Christmas lists, but I do remember when I was about four years old I wrote to Father Christmas asking if I could have a photo of him. I was always a bit of a cynical child... p.s. sorry to my little brother for telling you that Father Christmas didn't exist as soon as I figured it out!

10. Trying to make my siblings act out the Nativity when we were really little. I played a shepherd (again) and an innkeeper and managed to convince the other two to play Mary and Joseph. All I really remember is using the stool from a dressing table as a donkey, and finding it absolutely hilarious when the baby doll fell off.

11. Trips to see The Nutcracker ballet. I'm not sure how many times I've been, but even all these years later I know it's my favourite. I also have the CD. And listen to it.

12. Spending whole days at school just making paper chains. And you knew it was serious because the teachers provided us with the pre-cut strips of paper  that all you had to do was lick to make them stick so you could quickly produce miles of paper chains.

13. Dressing as an elf for a very complicated opening to our form's Christmas assembly one year. I can't even really remember what the assembly was about, but I know it involved my friend, dressed as a reindeer, giving me a piggyback across the hall while someone dressed as Father Christmas chased us....

14. Christmas Dinner Selfies. I was going through old photos on my laptop looking for inspiration for this post and found my Christmas 2013 album with some delightful photos of the family pulling ugly faces. Fortunately for them I won't be featuring the evidence in this post!

15. Filming everything last Christmas on the video camera mum got from dad. I still don't think she's ever learned to use it because we were so quick to take it!

What's your favourite memory from Christmas in the past?



  1. Me and some of my friends tried to have a Christmas dinner last year, there were quite a lot of us but instead of ordering curry we each provided part of the meal. It was so much fun and actually worked so well!

    Heather x

  2. You've just reminded me that I haven't got any crackers yet!! I'll have to go and get some soon! xx


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