Sunday, 30 November 2014

November Favourite Posts

This month has provided some excellent reading material in the blog world and so I'm sharing the posts I've especially enjoyed from the blogs I'm following. November was obviously a great month for inspiration with plenty of wintery and festive themed blog posts and I've loved keeping up with what everyone has been up to this month.

Favourite Dessert Post
Starting with dessert is always best in my opinion! Kirsty has shared something that sounds absolutely delicious, and perfect for Christmas dinner party season. Accompanied by wonderful photography, this recipe definitely got my mouth watering and I've saved it in the hope that I'll have a good reason to try it out! It looks stunning and yet seems pretty simple to make with only minimal ingredients which is ideal. 

Favourite Throwback Post
8 Things We All Knew and Loved About MSN Messenger on Lucy Types
Lucy has summed up the shared memories of many people of my generation who used MSN messenger, and reading this post definitely got me reminiscing about those days. Days when it was less about Facebook friends and more about how many MSN contacts you had. When rather than silently seething because you know they've seen your Whatsapp message, you could just press nudge over and over again until they replied on MSN. I'd definitely recommend checking out what Lucy's memories of MSN are and sparking some reminiscing of your own.

Favourite Vegetarian Recipe
Spinach & Quinoa Patties on The Rosedog Blog
I'm not vegetarian but I don't often buy meat, so delicious vegetarian recipes are things I love finding. Recently I've spoken to a few people who have quinoa in their cupboard but haven't really been very inspired as to what to do with it. These patties would make excellent alternatives to burgers and look so fresh and tasty in Rosie's photos.

Favourite Lifestyle Post
I say lifestyle, but this is obviously yet another food themed blog post- although Rosie's stylish outfit does also contribute to why this is in my favourites! Konditor and Cook is a bakery I have very fond memories of so I was delighted to see it featured on Rosie's blog. I spent many years trying to perfect their buttery flapjack recipe - sadly a treat they no longer sell - but Rosie reckons they make a pretty good brownie too, and I'm inclined to believe her.

Favourite Cute Post
Ernest on Gingerly Pale
Now there is no question about me being a dog person, but that didn't stop Jessica's post on her kitten absolutely melting my heart. He's an incredibly cute little thing and if you only visit one of the links I've shared, then it has to be this one because I promise the photos will make your day!

Favourite Video
Boys Do My Makeup on Eltoria's Secrets
To be really honest, I don't usually watch videos and vlogs, I much prefer to read a blog post, but this video caught my eye and I decided to press play. I'll admit I don't actually know who Chip Daddy and Ed Jones are, but their 'talent' for makeup artistry was amusing nonetheless. What made me laugh was watching them switch between trying to show off genuine make up knowledge, and just trying to make poor Simone look as ridiculous as possible.

Other posts I've saved this month:

Hope you've had a lovely month!


  1. Fab recommendations Jennifer, I particularly love Lucy's MSN post and the Strawberry Dream cake

    Heather x

  2. Thanks for this round up, some great tips here! I'm deeply intrigued by the 'best brownie in London'

    Rags of Love-Alternative London Fashion and Beauty Blog


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