Thursday, 2 October 2014

Desk DIYs

Now that term has started again, I actually have reason to use my desk- although working from bed is tempting too. I've been using my workspace board on Pinterest to gain some inspiration for how to make my desk look more appealing, while keeping it clear and tidy enough to be able to work.

 I decided that I wanted a magazine file to organise sheets of paper and notebooks, but couldn't find anything I really liked in the shops. Luckily, it's really easy to personalise your own one!

I bought a plain one from Paperchase, but you could also re-use a patterned one as it all gets covered up. I also bought some wrapping paper with a pretty floral pattern in grey and white. Then it was simply a case of covering the box with the paper. Ideally I'd have glued it on flat to the box, but seeing as I didn't have any PVA glue, I chose simply to sellotape it.

This was an extra wide magazine file, so one sheet of wrapping paper doesn't quite cover the whole thing, but as it just sits on my desk, you can't tell that the back and bottom aren't covered.

I then used some of the cut-offs to create a wipeable to-do list, something I've seen so many times on Pinterest. These are so simple and really cheap too. All you do is frame a piece of wrapping paper, or any other plain, thin material (think fabric, book pages, lined paper). 





  1. That turned out well, I probably need one of those too cause right now my papers are just scattered all over my desk! Love that wipeable to do list frame, that's genius.

    1. Haha I can't stand having unsorted papers everywhere so I needed this! And yeah I thought it was a great idea when I saw it so I'm glad I finally made one

  2. I've been wanting to do this for some time, but I can never find a box that comes anywhere close to this. I'll keep looking because I have too many books just lying around on my desk.

    1. You could maybe try a big office supplies shop, they often have boxes like this

  3. Oh wow, I would never have thought of doing this! Such a great idea, makes the boxes look so much prettier. I'll definitely be giving this a go :)

    Hazel Jane xx


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