Thursday, 4 September 2014

Summer nails

This weekend I'll be going back to university ready for the new term and new placements. My course is mostly delivered through hospital placements, so back to uni also means back to hospital dress codes- including no nail varnish! So as it's time to lose the long nails and pretty colours, I thought I'd do a post looking back at some of the colours and styles I've been wearing this summer. 

I'll start with my favourite- the all-time classic French manicure. This is usually my go-to look for my nails, it goes with everything and always looks smart. It's taken a few years to even get close to doing them evenly, but I'm still stubbornly refusing to use those guide stickers for some reason! I've gone through numerous bottles of French manicure sets, but I really like my current combination of Rimmel varnishes- their Finishing Touch Ultra Shine Top Coat, Brit Manicure 433 Ivory Tower and the Nail Tip Whitener.

My next favourite is bright red nails. I'm not sure what it is, but when they're freshly filed and painted, I think red nails can be really striking. It also sounds a bit strange, but they always make me think of the book Holes by Louis Sachar, a novel we read in school,  and the character Kissin' Kate Barlow who paints her nails with a bright red varnish containing snake venom. It was also made into a film if anyone's seen it? Fortunately there's no venom in my Kate Spade edition of Nails Inc in the colour Big Apple Red.

 During the summer holidays, I tend to use bright coloured nail varnishes, and save the deeper reds and purples for autumn/ winter. For the next photos, I've used another Nails Inc polish, this is the colour Shoreditch. I also added a white tip, this time with a Miss Sporty 'Et Voila!' Nail Tip Whitener that comes with an angled brush that worked more easily for the fine white tip.

The final look I'm sharing is not one I've ever really done before using some nail gems that happened to be lying at the bottom of my drawer. I don't really like having too much going on my with nails and so usually keep it very simple without sticking on extra bits, but I thought I'd give them a try. To be honest, they'd all fallen off after about 24 hours but I'd only used clear varnish rather than glue. The colour is Misstique by Misguided.


So there you go! What colours and patterns have you been using this summer, and what will you be using in the months to come?




  1. Wow your manicure looks so good! I've just been using bright colours, but I'm really looking forward to getting the deep reds and purples out for Autumn! :) xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. Thanks! I'll be looking forward to darker colours as and when I can too :) x

  2. Your French Manicure is amazing, I am terrible at doing them and it always turns out a shaky mess, Love the red colour too, I always like using Nails Inc Polishes. Over summer I was using a lot of neon colours which I really liked but you can only really get away wearing them in summer.

    Elle x
    Notes of Petranella


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