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HOME: What's in my bedroom?

I love anything homeware, and from a few of the Twitter blog chats I've joined in with recently, it seems home and room tours are popular posts. I've already written a post about my new bedroom at my university flat, and now I am sharing some of the bits from my bedroom at home in London. Until only a couple of years ago, I had bright orange and yellow walls (that apparently I chose as a seven year old. What was I thinking?!), but I finally had the chance to redecorate go for a slightly calmer purple colour.

 My room (and entire flat) in Bristol has a lot of my homemade bunting hung on the walls, but this name bunting was bought for my by my mum. It took me a while to find a space in my room long enough for my name, but I managed to get it pinned up eventually. I love how the flags button together, and if they were just plain flags you could easily add or take them away to make the bunting fit wherever you wanted it.

I have a small shelf over my bed that I've tried to keep uncluttered with just a few little things on it. I have quite a collection of Joules bags because I think they're far too pretty to just through away, and I use them as decorative items for my rooms. I also have a few small glass and porcelain horse ornaments that have been brought back from around the world as gifts for me.

I also try to keep my bedside table as free from clutter as possible- having too much in reach when I should be trying to go sleep isn't very helpful! I have my iPod dock and radio, a small mirror from my sister and a personalised candle.  No matter how many times I have big clearouts of my room, storage is always a problem for me. These wicker baskets came from Dunelm Mill and currently contain some of my university work. The trouble with doing such a long course is that I accumulate folders and paper and I do occasionally look back at them, so throwing them out isn't an option right now.

I love cushions but am very restrained about buying loads and loads! I just have these two on my bed- the fluffy one came from my sister, and the bunting one is actually a plain one that I refreshed myself. You can see the post I did about making the bunting cover here.

I have a lovely big desk and I like to keep it clear so I can spread out when working or drawing at it. This desk organiser was originally plain wood, then got painted blue and yellow by my mum and then I took it and painted it a light purple and added on some roses. It currently holds a couple of notebooks, my travel wallet, some sunglasses and my little 'Boo' toy that was a 21st birthday present. 

This rather scary looking thing was supposed to be  cute little handmade Jack Russell. No matter how many times my sister and I attempted to follow the pattern and instructions for making this, we just couldn't quite get it right.

I did a post about the Sass & Belle items I bought, including these white boxes. They're still empty, but as storage is so precious to me I don't want to waste them by filling them with anything! There's also my handmade lavender bag and a mustard jar filled with ink cartridges.

 This glass dolphin paperweight I think was a birthday present when I was about ten or eleven years old, and it's always been on display somewhere in my room.

I change the layout on these shelves all the time because they're right at the end of my bed, so are what I'm looking at whenever I'm sitting in bed with my laptop or ipad. They were full of books at one point, but I've moved most of my paperbacks to elsewhere in the house to free up a bit of shelf space in my room. 

When I was five years old, I wrote a letter to the Queen about Cadbury's chocolate and took it to the gates of Buckingham Palace to hand over to a policeman for it to be delivering. It made it in, and I was so excited to get a letter back in the post from Buckingham Palace. The letter got framed and now has pride of place on my shelf. The handwritten parts are starting to fade so I should probably move it from the sunlight!

The jewellery tree features in my Sass & Belle post. I also have this little heart basket on the shelf- it was just lying around in the house so I took it for myself!

Joules bag and my chicken doorstop that was a present when I started university. You can't tell, but my dog managed to get hold of it and try to rip it's head off! It's been restitched and is now well out of her reach.

As I said, I've moved nearly all of my paperback books, but I kept these books on the shelf. There's a mixture of fiction, biographies, autobiographies and other things. If you follow eventing you might recognise some of the names of top riders here.

This jewellery case was a present many years ago and my collection has rather outgrown it, so I also have a couple of extra little boxes sat on top of it. There's also a small mirror with a bird on it that I think is too pretty to just hide away in a handbag. (By the way, that's Sunday Brunch on the TV!)

So that's a few bits and pieces from my bedroom. If you've spotted anything here that I've not talked about and you want to know more- leave me a comment. If you've done a room post like this, feel free to leave me a link- I love seeing how other people arrange their spaces!



  1. Such a pretty room! Love all the little touches :)

  2. Love the bunting and that letter from the Queen - that's awesome and such a great story behind it too!

    1. It's a great one to tell people, explaining how I came to get a letter from her!

  3. The jewellery tree is really neat. Do you recommend any books on your shelf? x


    1. I love the jewellery tree, I waited a long time before getting one! I love all the autobiographies- I'm so nosey about people's lives! But My Last Duchess is also a great fiction read. And if you're a Downton Abbey fan, then the behind the scenes book is really interesting and has lovely photos x

  4. I really like the bunting. The jack Russell does look a little like a piggy! But you did a way better job than I would have done!

    1. Haha, yes not my finest example of hand-made items- the button nose does look a bit pig-like now you mention it!

  5. Your bedroom has so many cute things in it! I love the bunting and matching cushion :)

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