Monday, 8 September 2014

Back to Uni

Clifton Suspension Bridge
Obligatory back-to-Bristol shot of the Clifton Suspension Bridge

After a refreshing six week summer holiday, I've now come back to Bristol to start my fourth year of university. Laden with bags, boxes and half my wardrobe, I returned to my shared flat and caught up with the gossip, then watched the Burghley highlights and Made in Chelsea. Normal uni life has resumed...

They really know how to get us straight back into the swing of things, starting with being up just after 6am to be ready for an 8am intro lecture. I did at least have the day off from 9am though, so not such a bad first day back after all.

Despite the mountain of things I brought back to uni with me, I've still managed to leave lots of stuff I wanted at home. Fortunately my dad happens to be coming to Bristol in a few days time, so I'm writing a list of things to bring for me!

I'l be starting the year with three weeks of near enough full days of lectures- after a year of clinical medicine this feels like a bit of strange concept now! It will be a good way though to ease myself back into the course though, instead of going straight into hospital after six weeks of forgetting everything.

I now have the challenge of blogging and managing a full time course for the first time since starting my blog. It's been lovely putting out three posts a week while I've had nothing else to be doing, but I think now I need to be realistic about balancing my course and my blog- and of course maintaining (or even hopefully improving!) my blog content. I would rather deliver good quality posts regularly, but less frequently, than turn out poor content every other day. That said- I do have a few  posts drafted and scheduled for the next couple of weeks, so it will be a gradual transition!

This should be an interesting year for me and I hope it brings plenty of inspiration for things to write about. I hope you'll stick with me as I adapt my blog to fit with my university life and that you're looking forward to the things to come!

Are you starting or going back to university this month?




  1. I finished Uni before I even started my blog properly! But working a full time job, I know how it feels to be balancing blogging with other things! Quality posts less often is definitely the way to go :)

    Milly // Mini Adventures

    1. Yes, although two days in and I'm finding it ok so far!

  2. I'm moving back to Leeds on Sunday for my second year of uni! I'm so excited, cannot wait to get back into uni life, I too hope that I'll still be able to find a balance with blogging and student life, I think I will however as I'll be a lot busier, so I'll hopefully have a lot more to talk about and share! Good luck with your studies, cannot begin to imagine how hard it must be to do a medical degree haha!

    Love Joyce xx

    1. I hope you enjoy your second year and that everything goes well! x

  3. Hello! I've nominated you for The Liebster Award! Details can be found at


  4. It's a struggle balancing Uni, blogging, working and maintaining a social life. Being organize and prioritizing definitely helps, which I'm still trying to get better at. I hope you have a lovely time back at Uni :)
    Yours Truly, NY

  5. I always manage to leave so much stuff behind! I've been back in Portsmouth for almost two weeks already now, my course doesn't start until the 22nd though which is good :) so I have lots of great time to spend time with my friends :D x

    1. Normally I'm pretty good, but I left my packing very last minute- I wasn't ready for summer holiday to end! That's nice, I remember spending such a great week in my house in second year before uni started- it's a great way to get settled :) x

  6. Oh wow this brings back memories. I am from Sweden and lived in Bristol for about 2 years. Such nostalgia. Beautiful shot. x



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