Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sewing Scraps - Lavender Bag

Homemade lavender scent bag

This summer, I wanted to be creative and sew some new things for myself. I love the idea of choosing pretty fabrics, running them through the sewing machine and having something beautiful and handmade as a result. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at a) sewing neatly and b) thinking of something to make! Nevertheless, I went out and bought new fabric anyway, hoping inspiration would hit.

As I hadn't sewn anything in a while, I decided that I should probably practise a bit first. I had loads of leftover scraps of material from making bunting, and these were perfect for some simple projects. That day mum had just cut down some lavender in the garden, so I chose to make a little lavender bag. The whole thing was made from bits I already had at home- home-grown lavender, fabric scraps and a little leftover ribbon.


Home sewing

I cut out a square template, about 10cm x 10cm and used this to cut out two squares of fabric.

Sewing a lavender bag

Fabric for homemade lavender scented bag

I pinned the squares together, keeping the pattern on the inside. I then folded down the top of each square to create a space for the ribbon, and pinned in place.

Pinning fabric for lavender bag

Homemade lavender bag from sewing scraps

I stitched along the bottom of the folded sections, and then round the three sides.

Sewing lavender bag

Once stitched, I turned the bag the right way round, and threaded the ribbon through using a safety pin.

Sewing mini bag for lavender

Ribbon for homemade lavender bag

I added the lavender before tying up the ribbon in a bow

Putting lavender in home made bag

Homemade lavender bag

Homemade lavender scented bag

And that was it! Such a quick and easy thing to make, and because it's sewn inside out it's ideal for practising sewing neatly because the stitches don't show! I would have made a few more, but there wasn't any more lavender...




  1. Oh wow your so talented! keep up the good work Jen x great blog, followed of course!

    Jennos Health.

    1. Haha you're too kind! Thank you for following :) x


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