Friday, 15 August 2014

Five things to take to uni

So as yesterday was A level results day, I thought this would be an appropriate post for anyone out there who got the good news that you're off to university this autumn- congratulations!

Moving away to uni is a great experience, and having been-there-done (doing) -that, I thought I would share with you some of the things I recommend bringing. Obviously there are loads of essentials, and most universities provide you with a helpful checklist of what you should/shouldn't bring to their accommodation, but these are some little extras I think are useful or nice to have.

1. A set of mugs- perfect for chats over a cup of tea, film and hot chocolate nights, and cups of coffee for late nights and early mornings. I like having pretty mugs that are easy to recognise as mine, such as these from Cath Kidston. I had a similar set in second year and I loved them for being a bit smaller- everyone else seems to prefer giant mugs, so these wouldn't go disappearing!
Cath Kidston Mugs to take to university
Cath Kidston Set of 4 Clifton Rose Mugs £20

2. Photos- My bedroom had a huuuuuge corkboard on the wall which I filled up with about a hundred photos. It's such a quick way to fill up space on the wall, plus a great reminder of all your friends at home- but leave some space to add uni photos too! There are loads of websites that offer photo printing, and a lot of them also give you free prints to start off, so why wouldn't you?! Don't forget to bring drawing pins too. Also, having a couple of special photos framed can make you feel more at home, as well as providing a talking point in your room if you run out of conversation after the 'standard freshers questions.'

3. Fancy dress staples- hats, glasses, ties, flower garlands, and of course- a onesie! Have a few bits ready, and then add to your collection throughout the next few years. Also, face paint. I don't like using it myself, but I always remember my friends doing last minute searches for it in the shops. Go prepared!

4. Shop points cards/ loyalty - Even though I was in catered halls, I still had to stock up on bits and pieces for lunches, snacks and weekend meals, so I could earn points and save money. And if you get one now, there's still time to persuade your parents to use it a couple of times to give you a points boost before you go ;)
Loyalty cards to take to university

5. Bunting and/ or fairy lights - Ok, I'm obsessed with these; they're so simple, but they definitely make a plain room look more inviting. Check the rules of your accommodation because some don't allow fairy lights due to health and safety, although you might be able to get away with some battery operated ones. Bunting is a really simple way to instantly change your room- and if you make it yourself it can be really cheap too! If these aren't your thing, you could also take a poster or two- I liked the kind that had loads of detail on them, where you find something new every time you look.

Homemade bunting for taking to university
I'll admit this isn't my first year room. I didn't even have bunting then. But you could...

I hope that's got you excited for going to uni! If you have questions about what to expect when you go, or would like to know more about the University of Bristol/ studying medicine, get in touch and I'll do my best to answer you.  And if you want even more room decorating photos, have a look at these :)




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    1. Haha I made so much bunting that I've actually run out of places for it in our new flat :( I've just had a look at your blog, I'd love to be involved! xx


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