Thursday, 21 August 2014

Cream Tea at Dolls House on the Hill

Now I'm not sure how, but I discovered that last week was National Afternoon Tea Week. I love the idea of a proper afternoon tea and just wish I had a lifestyle that allowed me this pleasure more often. Anyway, to celebrate the fact it that there is a whole week dedicated to afternoon tea, I decided to take my sister to a little place on Harrow on the Hill that I've been meaning to show her for years: Dolls House on the Hill.

The Dolls House Cafe at Harrow on the Hill

It was my friend Emily who first told me about this place, and we've been a couple of times to enjoy their tea and food. It's a vintage cafe right at the top of Harrow on the Hill, and inside and out are decorated so beautifully. It really does feel like being in a dolls house with all the mismatched furniture, bunting and pretty china. I wanted to take loads more photos of the stacks of china tea cups and more of the lovely furniture, but I was getting some strange looks from a couple of ladies sat behind us! It's the kind of place I wished I owned myself so that I could be the one buying all the things to decorate it.

Fruit scones with jam and cream at Dolls House Cafe

The menu looks absolutely incredible and if I went for lunch, I would have such a hard time choosing between all the homemade and delicious sounding soups, sandwiches and salads. They also have a fantastic selection  of homemade cakes that you walk past on the way in- so tempting! And they have gluten free cakes too. Plus, I've not even mentioned the desserts and ice creams which also sound amazing. I would love to describe the entire menu (not like I read it so many times that day I learned it or anything...) but I think I'd run out of adjectives! 
I know this was supposed to be about afternoon tea, and they do have a really great sounding one, but actually I'm not really all that bothered about eating  the sandwiches- I just want the sweet stuff! So my sister and I both decided that we would have their cream tea- a sultana scone with cream and jam and a pot of tea for £5.95 each. This is what I always go for here and it did not disappoint. The scones are delicious- and very soft and crumbly. I think I told the waitress about three times how lovely they were! It's also nice to get a generous helping of cream and jam- plenty to go on the whole scone.

Tea cup and saucer for cream tea at Dolls House at Harrow on the Hill

We were given pretty, mismatched china tea cups and saucers for our tea- something that set us off on describing how we each wanted to create our own sets of mismatched tea cups... That's the thing about this place, it's not often I go out to eat and spend the majority of the conversation discussing the tea cups!

Milk jug for cream tea at the Dolls House

I also loved the tiny little milk jug that came with our tea- this really did feel like something you'd have in a dolls house, but bigger obviously! I don't know about you, but tea is just so much more of a treat when you're drinking from such pretty things.

Sauces in hanging baskets at Dolls House Cafe

My sister really liked these baskets on the wall for the condiments and we thought that they would actually look really good hung beside a dressing table to keep brushes and make up in. I was just amazed at how even baskets of ketchup sachets can be made to look nice! 

On the way out we spotted loads of things for sale- tea cups, cake stands, bunting... basically everything we love! Fortunately/ unfortunately I didn't have any more money on me after paying for our tea so I couldn't buy anything, but we did discover a new brand for us - Bombay Duck - and promptly went home and made long wishlists of basically their entire collection. 

Dolls House on the Hill is probably my most favourite place ever, and I'm definitely going to convince my mum that next time we're in Harrow that we have to go for lunch here. Plus I'm making plans to bring basically everyone I know here at some point! I do know that it gets really busy sometimes, so if you're set on visiting at a particular time then it probably wouldn't hurt to make a reservation. It's the perfect place for a girly gossip with friends, or bringing your sister/mum/granny/aunty/daughter/niece etc. etc. Just remember- it will make you leave feeling like you absolutely need to buy a new tea set. Or three...

Jam jar lid at cream tea at Dolls House on the Hill
Life was sweet indeed that afternoon!

Dolls House on the Hill is a vintage cafe and restaurant at 44 High Street, Harrow on the Hill



  1. That cafe looks so cute! I love finding cozy places like that to meet friends, they're so lovely :)

    1. It really is lovely, I just want to find more places like this now! :) xx

  2. Oh how CUTE!! Seems like such a lovely place to hang out with your best girl friend and just chit chat :D


    1. It's definitely a girly place, so I find it a bit strange that apparently during term time there's loads of students from the boy's school there! xx


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