Sunday, 31 August 2014

A look back at August

Just the like summer weather, August has come to end and I thought this month I'd do a post looking back at the month. I feel like I'm ready now for the autumn to come- nights in, loads of new TV series starting, warm jumpers and the 'September feeling' of the start of a new academic year.

What I've blogged this month
A summer drink, a flourless almond and coconut cake, the Festival of British Eventing, items from Sass and Belle, a swiss roll, chocolate florentines, a cream tea at Dolls House on the Hill and a goat's cheese and fig fougasse.

What I've photographed this month

Poppies at the Tower of London - Mum and I had an afternoon out in London to see this art installation. It is still growing with more and more ceramic poppies being added and it's here until November I think.

I don't always take the time to look at the scenery around me while walking my dog in the local area, so this month I paused to take a few snaps. Unfortunately Saffy has to stick to short walks on pavement at the moment after having an operation, so she won't be seeing these sights for a few more days.

Posts I've loved this month
Having plenty of free time to keep up with my Bloglovin feed, there have been so many posts I've enjoyed this month. This is a selection of ones I've especially loved.
Chocolate Viennese Whirls by The Lovecats Inc
A Beautiful Handmade Wedding by Daisychains and Dreamers

Favourite purchase
Despite starting the month without a bank card due to changing my account (long story!), I actually bought quite a lot this month- including new pajamas, a cosy, berry colour wool jumper from Dorothy Perkins, various make up bits and pieces and of course, my Sass and Belle items. My favourite purchase this month though has to be these Zebra Spotty Mugs from Bombay Duck. This was a new brand for me, but their collection is incredible and I want one of everything pretty please! I discovered Bombay Duck while at the Dolls House on the Hill, but due to being bank-card-less at the time, I couldn't buy anything there and then. Like I said in that post, my sister and I immediately searched for Bombay Duck when we got home and found these adorable zebra mugs. I love zebras, and I love mugs, so this was a match made in heaven. I had to wait a few days before I could order them, but when they arrived we were really excited (we're cool like that. Sorry sis, embarrassing you like this- it's what big sisters are for). We literally couldn't wait to use them, and gave them a wash before boiling the kettle for hot drinks. With beautiful packaging (and posh bubble wrap!) this was an excellent little present for myself! 

Hope you've had a lovely August!


  1. August was such a fun month wasn't it? I wish I'd got a chance to see the poppys, they look so beautiful. Here's to a great September! x

    Heroine In Heels

    1. It was a great month- I loved having nothing to do! The poppies are around until November 11th I think, so if you can find yourself an excuse to be down that way, then you might have a chance to see the finished thing! x

  2. I love this post! It's such a lovely idea. Those mugs look so gorgeous and al of your posts this month have been so brilliant! x

    Sunaina ❃

    1. Thank you! And I'm so glad you've enjoyed the posts- I'm really pleased that I've kept it up for over a whole month now- here's to next month now :) x

  3. I liked very much your zebra mugs! Blog is too pretty #following
    By the way i'm so novice to make dessert. Can you share easy dessert recipes next article too?
    Thank you have a good day..

    1. They're so pretty :) Thanks for the suggestions- I'll be moving back to my student house this month, so easy dessert recipes will be perfect!


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