Monday, 28 July 2014

RECIPE: Coconut Cake

At about half past nine the other night, my sister and I decided that there was nothing in the kitchen that was going to satisfy a sweet tooth, and so we pulled out all the recipe books in search of something simple to whip up. We spotted a recipe for a raspberry coconut cake in 'Sugar and Spice - Cookbook for Girls' which sounded ideal.

Now firstly, I should tell you that I am by no means a baking expert. In fact, I'm not even a baking novice- I struggle with even the simplest cakes! If a cake comes out mostly solid and not too burnt, I consider that a success. But I love the idea of home baked goods, so I'll keep trying anyway. After all- practice makes perfect doesn't it?!
(Therefore, when my sister pulled out what seems to be a kids cookbook, I was delighted, and even more so when it was rated 1/3 for difficulty!)

Coconut cake and raspberries

The finished product. Eaten the next morning for breakfast, of course. The fresh raspberries were a great accompaniment- the actual recipe recommended cream and icing on the top, but we didn't have the ingredients in that night, and were too impatient to wait until morning to finish it off!

Ingredients for coconut cake

4 eggs, separated 
220g white granulated sugar
60g desiccated coconut
275g plain flour (We didn't actually have any, so used self-raising and skipped out the baking powder)
1 tsp baking powder
120g butter, melted
Handful of flaked almonds to top

I whisked the egg whites with 2 tbsp of the sugar until stiff. I did this by hand- mostly out of habit because until recently I didn't have an electric whisk at uni- and also because I find it really satisfying! (Plus it's a great workout if you use both arms. Or so I say...)
At the same time (just because there was two of us), my sister whisked the egg yolks and the rest of the sugar until creamy, then added the flour (and baking powder should be added at this point). Then we added the egg white mixture to this, followed by the butter and mixed until all blended smoothly.

I found that the original recipe was a bit too liquid, so added a bit more flour and coconut- the ingredients I have listed include these adjustments.

Baking a coconut cake
We poured the mixture in a springform cake tin (greased and lined) and scattered almonds on the top. Then baked at 140°c in a fan over for 50 minutes. This was 10 minutes less than instructed, so it's sometimes just a case of knowing your oven.

Homemade coconut cake
Out of the oven, looking lovely and golden! It didn't stay like this for long. Finally being ready at about 11pm, we couldn't wait for it to cool down and so had a teeny-tiny slice each while it was still warm.

I love coconut in cakes, and this tastes so good even if I do say so myself! Although, it was every so slightly dry so maybe a creamy topping would have been a good idea after all. I would definitely give this recipe another go, especially as it seems quite simple, and maybe keep fiddling around with the quantities to get the perfect texture. Or cook at a more reasonable hour so I can go out and buy the right flour haha!

Sugar and Spice cookbook for girls
Sugar and Spice Cookbook for Girls, Hinkler Books (ISBN 978 1 7430 8638 4)
The recipe book this is adapted from

If you try this recipe, or have your own to share, or want to give me any tips on cake baking (those especially would be appreciated!!) then leave a comment or get in touch via my email or twitter.




  1. Yumm! I love cake...although i'm not the biggest fan of coconut :(

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

    1. It's not for everyone I guess. I also love to do lemon cakes though so do check out future recipes! :)

  2. I've never had coconut cake! I do lemon quite often! From a recipe from my French friends grandma bahaha I should post it one day! I love to make madelines :) They're very light and so cute :) and I can make them in small batches so they're not a huge hassle.

    1. Then I would definitely recommend trying a coconut cake! And yes, please do post the lemon recipe- I would love to give it a go :) I don't even think I've ever eaten a madeline, let alone make one! x

  3. Nom nom, I love a coconut cake...and a lemon cake...and any cake, haha! I'm weird but I like a strawberry jam on it as well. And I don't put so much sugar when I bake, trying to be "heatlhy" ;D

    Dash xx
    Mode Lily

    1. I think that's what's good about coconut or lemon cakes, the flavour is quite strong so you don't need loads of sugar to make them sweet :) x

  4. I just love cake. It really doesn't matter what kind of cake it is, but really… I'm going co co for your coconut cake!
    : signe : the daily savant :

  5. Hello lovely! I've nominated you for the Liebster award, check my blog for more details :)
    Megan x

  6. Oh I love coconut as much as I love lemon, any cake with either in is always a winner for me!

  7. I should try to cook it because I like coconut!


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